Patch/Nerf 1.2.7

Hey, welcome back.

This update fixes a lot with controllers and nerfs a few items/upgrades and ZUCK.


  • Selecting anything while playing on controller will automatically press it
  • Fixed Heal Potion & other upgrades not loading in properly
  • Fixed some dialogue to not give you stroke while reading.
  • Fixed not being able to go to a boss while playing on a contRoller1
  • Fixed Survive The Day not playing in level 11
  • Fixed Bots not being able to get damaged by Ninja
  • Fixed some text not changing to controller buttons


  • Nerfed Extra HP (299--->199)
  • Reduced damage Piss does (44-93 ---> 34-63)
  • Nerfed the amount of damage ZUCK does to the player in the last 2 phases

Thats all for this patch, thanks for reading.

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