Patch 1.2.5

Hey, welcome back.

This patch fixes a lot of issues that persisted from 1.2.0 - 1.2.4.

I think not working on UVZ was a good choice, since I did get burnt out on working on it and especially the bug fixes.

But anyways, here's whats been fixed, added and removed.


  • Added 1 new piece of dialogue


  • Reverted the change that made Big Bot Follow's HP Bar short.


  • Fixed Players being able to access Bashes in early game.
  • Fixed bullets being deleted off screen
  • Fixed when dying in Level 11, the player would be sent to a different level instead.

Thank you for reading.


UnOkLive Vs Zuck v1.2.4 116 MB
Apr 02, 2022
UnOkLive Vs Zuck v1.2.4 114 MB
Apr 02, 2022
UnOkLive Vs Zuck v1.2.4 Linux.AppImage 120 MB
Apr 02, 2022

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