Patch 1.2.1

Hey, welcome back!

This patch just optimizes the game heavily, fixes bugs and improves the game overall.

  • Added TurtlesLikesRice to special thanks for providing image of Zach's merch
  • Bullets off screen will now be deleted (This helps out especially in Zuck's fight)
  • Fixed AJQIKHCGH Health Bar still showing even after death
  • Fixed Narrator text in Incel  Twitch HQ to be hidden after 10 seconds
  • Player bullets will not be destroyed automatically when fighting a boss
  • UnOkDarcc now actually blocks your attacks
  • Fixed UI not having effects in AJQIKHCGH level
  • Fixed Twitch HQ logo z order being higher than Zachs
  • All settings now have a toggle switch
  • Hard Mode, WTFHard Mode, One Life Mode can now be toggled on and off
  • Volume is automatically set to 50%
  • Almost everything in settings is dark red
  • Moved Volume Number closer to the volume slider

I've fixed all of the major issues in this patch, hopefully this is the last patch I make for this game.

Thank you for playing and reading.

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