Late Quiver has been discontinued, due to Heroku removing their free plan.

Late Quiver is a small online game with 4 gamemodes

Platform Race

Platform Race is a minigame where 2 players race to the flag pole to win
If one of the players has score of 4, the game will move onto Shoot Out

Shoot Out!

Shoot Out! is another minigame where 2 players with 10 HP try to shoot each other.

Shoot Race

This game is Platform Race and Shoot Out mashed together All the rules are the same, but if one player dies, they'll respawn after 2 seconds.


Team up with the other player to Kill Timmy!
But be careful... Timmy shoots 3 bullets a second...

Heads up!

This game does NOT have a anti cheat or cheat detection.
This is due to the nature of P2P.

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