New Gamemode, Bug fixes


Welcome back to Late Quiver, this update fixes a lot of bugs and adds a new gamemode.


  • Added a new gamemode "Shoot Race"
    How to Play
    This game is Platform Race and Shoot Out mashed together!
    All the rules are the same, but if one player dies, they'll respawn after 2 seconds.
  • Added a way for players to see an error reason
  • Added a check if you are not connected to the internet
  • Added if you or the other player has disconnected,  the last connected player will be sent to the lobby
  • Added another check if you are playing on mobile


  • Fixed Players not having the same position on other clients. (Thanks MyNameIsRinax!)
  • Fixed when winning in Shoot Out, clients disconnect.
  • Fixed all game scores not being the same on others clients
  • Fixed when all games end, players will be sent back to Title Screen

That is all for this update.

Thank you for reading!

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