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Default assets's Platformer

A platformer that uses default assets from GDevelop. · By carlosfruitcup


Recent updates

Update 6: Bug Fixes, New Music,New World
Update 6 Here is a list of what was added. 1 new piece of music a new hidden world, use a code to access the world (00110110 00110100 ) good luck with translati...
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Update 5?
Whats new in the game. 1 song added Fixed some bugs...
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A platformer that uses default assets from GDevelop.
The END has came.
The full release of the game has been released! The release will come with linux,mac,windows!...
Im recoding the final boss since its confusing and frustrating to code it, which means a delay no-one likes delays. Sorry...
Okay so when i tried to download the game for my self it didnt work and when i did eventually open the game itself it kept crashing when it starts ups. im goin...
Game is almost finished!
The game is almost finished! all i need to do program the final boss! this will be great...
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Added New Worlds and death.
I finally found out a way to add death and game over screens to the game all i had to do add a sprite and add in Player is in collision with NewObject11 Change...
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Default assets's Platformer launches!
This game was only created in 3 days and it looks good! The game didn't have a name and it was called W The Game or ?????? but then finally it was called Defau...
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