Devlog #1

Hey, welcome to the first devlog.

I've added some music for Hell and Overworld and update HOD's music

The Overworld music will pause when Blackhole is spawned

Also HOD (Hand Of Destruction) has now been replaced with Blackhole

v1.2.0 might come in a few weeks, as I'm currently working on saves (which is a hassle to work with).

The only problem with saves is that, the saves I'm currently doing are saves you can open up and edit yourself, not saves you need like 6 different tools to edit, but in order for players to edit the saves, you would have to download the game, which some people dislike. Which is why I'm making 2 versions, Editable Saves and Non-Editable Saves.

Editable Saves will be Desktop only

Non-Editable Saves will be Web only.

That's pretty much everything I've been up to right now, I'll post another devlog when I have enough content to actually worth posting,

Thank you for reading.

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